1Metal Business Cards

Our exclusive metal business cards are available in three different thicknesses. They are made from the highest quality stainless steel. Our innovative technology allows us to cut or carve the metal with the most accurate precision as well as etching the metal surface to achieve any graphic or fonts. We can make the business cards in any shape. Metal business cards are considered most elegant and they are the most premium product that we offer. We only offer top quality metal business cards with no exceptions.

2Mini Metal Business Cards

They are produced with the same techniques as well as the same materials as the standard size metal business cards. These cards offer the exclusivity of a metal business cards but at a reduced cost than the standard size cards.

3Color Metal Business Cards

They are available in a wide variety of colors. Our color metal business cards are produced cutting and etching graphics and fonts using the highest quality stainless steel. They are submerged in special electrolytic liquids that allow us to color them accordingly. We can also apply special color graphics directly on the surface of the metal.

4Black Metal Business Cards

The production of a black metal business card is a challenge. Unlike our color metal business cards, the process to achieve a black metal card is much more complicated. These business cards are made from a special steel that is black from the very beginning. Black metal business cards are available in 200 micron thickness in a very exclusive and unique black color.

Black metal business cards can be customized just like the color ones. We can apply custom shapes, sizes and even color elements to them.

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